(Parma, 1879 – Florence, 1952), musician and composer, was a pupil of Ildebrando Pizzetti. In 1911 he founded the Parma Futurist group and became a friend and correspondent of Pratella and Caravaglios, forming the first patrol of Futurist musicians. Despite this, Marinetti did not see fit to have him join the official ranks of the movement as a musician.

In 1914 he published “Dissonance” and “Three Pieces for Piano” in the Florentine magazine. After the war, he taught at the Florence Conservatory of Music and gradually abandoned all avant-garde research.

The Spartaco Copertini Fund consists of the following sections: Correspondence, entirely in photocopy, which collects letters sent to Copertini by various correspondents including Pizzetti, Dallapiccola, Frazzi, Papini, Balilla Pratella and the musician’s replies to Frazzi, Pizzetti and Pratella; Periodicals, with the collection of some issues of “Medusa” magazine; Library, which preserves two of the musician’s compositions, “Three Pieces for Piano 1910-1912” and “Poemetto No. 15 Op. 19 Violin and Piano 1915.”