In 1927 Enrico Prampolini founded the Téatre de la Pantomime Futuriste in Paris, directed in collaboration with dancer Maria Ricotti. With its choreographic and mimicry experiments, also toured in Italy, the Futurist Pantomime Theater represents the last important episode of avant-garde tension within Futurist spectacular research.

The Futurist Pantomime Theater Fund is divided into the following sections: Correspondence, which contains a letter from Fillia (pseudonym of Luigi Colombo) to G.Mazzesi, dated May 5, 1931; Miscellaneous, which collects rare printed material, mostly pamphlets, indicating the programs and repertoire of the shows performed in Paris and Italy.; Periodicals, holding a copy of “On the Screen: weekly illustrated magazine: cinematography, theater current affairs,” Rome, A.1,no.1 (November 1-8, 1927)