art critic, in 1984 donated to Primo Conti the papers he had collected that help define the profile of the futurist painter Alessandro Bruschetti (Perugia, 1910-Brugherio, Milan, 1980), especially through the epistolary relationships he had with numerous interlocutors in the art world, critics, gallery owners and contemporary artists

The Leo Strozzieri Papers are divided into the following sections: Correspondence, which collects letters sent to the painter Alessandro Bruschetti by numerous correspondents (Benedetto, Acquaviva, Dottori, Crali, Peruzzi, Scrivo, Benedetta Marinetti, Perrone, Tallarico), a small nucleus of minute letters and one of miscellaneous correspondence; Manuscripts, which collects autograph material on Bruschetti’s painting career and his thoughts on art in general; Library, a collection of futurist exhibition catalogs; Miscellaneous, which contains a publication with poetry by Leo Strozzieri.