Catalog raisonné

The Primo Conti Onlus Foundation is carrying out the reasoned cataloging of paintings by Maestro PRIMO CONTI.

We welcome reports or clarifications regarding the Master’s pictorial works in order to expand and update the General Catalog that can be consulted on this website. However, the Foundation is not in charge of issuing either authentications or estimates. For information you may contact

A (professional) photocolor or 300-point jpg image of the front and back of the work is required for reporting works, if it includes signature, date, other inscriptions, stamps, exhibition tags, or other useful information; as well as information on title, technique, medium, dimensions (in cm., preceding height), and any information about exhibitions or bibliographical references; the contact information of the current owner and how he or she wishes to appear in the relevant catalog entry, and of previous owners, if known.
Materials should be sent to the address below using for the required information the
report card


Edited by Chiara Toti
Implementation Giorgio Commini
Coordination by Maria Chiara Berni

The catalog was produced with contributions from

Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze
Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities
Province of Florence
FGE fotografia Grafica Editoriale di C. Cantini, Florence