(Florence, 1896 – Greve in Chianti, Florence, 1984), writer and draftsman, collaborated at just 20 years old on “L’Italia futurista” and in 1917 founded the international avant-garde art magazine “Noi” with Enrico Prampolini. In the same year he published his first book “Vallibella,” which was followed in 1920 by “Crazy Sheep.” He went to Zurich and met Tristan Tzara, who invited him to write in the magazine “Dada.” Alongside the literary activity to which he continued to devote himself, he also worked as a draftsman, participating in numerous Biennales, Quadrennials and private exhibitions. Beginning in the 1930s, he published many novels including “The Bump of the Like” (1930), “Boys’ Games” (1933), “Deer in the Maremma” (1942), “People in the Family” (1951), “The Prohibitions”(1954), “Life in the Country”(1980), “The Irregulars”(1982), “Pussycat Street 3″(1985, posthumous). An integral part of his output are the four volumes of the Diaries. He was editor of “Italy Writing” as well as founder, together with Andrea Maiuri, of the magazine “The Veltro.”

The Bino Sanminiatelli Fund is divided into the following sections: Correspondence, characterized by the presence of senders accumulated by their adherence to Futurism such as Balla, Bragaglia, De Pisis, Ginna, Marinetti, Prampolini, Viani and numerous others; Manuscripts which contains a school notebook with a handwritten translation of an article in German by Peter Schifferli used by Sanminiatelli for the article “A protagonist reenacts the Dadaist “revolution.” Dada is only 20 years old,” in “Il tempo,” Rome, July 14, 1983; Press Clippings, a collection of miscellaneous articles on the avant-garde, with special emphasis on Surrealism, Dadaism and Futurism; Library, a rich collection of first editions by Futurist authors such as Marinetti, Ginanni, Meriano, Corra, D’Alba, Buzzi, Settimelli, Viviani, Russolo, Balla, Chiti and others; Periodicals which collects various issues, bound by the author, of the avant-garde magazines “We,” “Avanscoperta,” “The Brigade,” “The Pages,” “Sic,” and “Dada.” Miscellaneous, which collects original typographical plates of Sanminiatelli’s works and texts used for the magazine “Noi,” a framed photographic portrait of Marinetti, with an autographed dedication, a bronze by Prampolini depicting Sanminiatelli, dated 1916-17.