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The Primo Conti Foundation has supported important and crucial restoration work on the Villa over the past two years, and this is also thanks to your generous support.

Business Seminar

July 1 @ 08:00 - 17:00

SUMMER art workshops 2024 – Registration open until May 27!

The Summer Art Workshops, organized by the Primo Conti Foundation with Valerio Mirannalti and Benedetta Bottai, are aimed at those children
(6/11 years old – elementary school) who have artistic interest and want to deepen their creative skills during summer vacation.

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The Primo Conti Foundation in Fiesole also organizes art workshops for birthday parties for children between the ages of 5 and 12 in the beautiful setting of the Maestro’s studio.

Accompanied by a real artist we will enter the studio of Primo Conti, futurist painter, going to make fantastic works of art.

We’ll tell you about them! Museums as seen by little ones. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE!

The Museums of All Network invites girls and boys who attend elementary school and are willing to get involved to discover museums and become guides for their peers.

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Florence and Fiesole Telematic Museum Network

The Musei di Tutti Thematic Museum Network was born in 2019 from the coming together of important museums in Florence and Fiesole.
Underlying this is the belief that Cultural Heritage acquires full meaning only if it is accessible to and actively participated in by each of us.

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AMIR | Reception Museums Inclusion Relationship.

Migrants become heritage ambassadors