• |28/04/2024|

    From a meeting made on a warm May afternoon in the park of Villa Le Coste, the headquarters of the Primo Conti Foundation, the idea was born, talking and confronting the mediators of AMIR, to make clips where everyone had a chance to tell what stuck with them while visiting the Primo Conti Museum..That's [...]

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  • |19/03/2024|

    The digital is now an irreplaceable resource, and never before has the importance of museums emerged as a crucial place in the development of ties, social cohesion and reflection on collective identities. While everything came to a standstill, the museums of the Museums of All Network decided to resist, looking to the future. In this [...]

  • |19/03/2024|

    We'll tell you about them! Museums as seen by little ones. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE! Museums seen by the little ones The Museums of All Network invites girls and boys who attend elementary school and are willing to get involved to discover museums and become guides for their peers. The very young participants will become familiar [...]

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