The digital is now an irreplaceable resource, and never before has the importance of museums emerged as a crucial place in the development of ties, social cohesion and reflection on collective identities. While everything came to a standstill, the museums of the Museums of All Network decided to resist, looking to the future. In this difficult year, the Network has been working at a distance, continuing to develop new ways to stay in touch with the public. The Memorie Sonore project, implemented thanks to a grant from the Region of Tuscany, is the result of months of creative hybridization between museum experience and digital research to improve the accessibility and usability of the Network’s museums. By combining humanities skills with the knowledge of digital developers, photographers and sound designers, sound acquires a prominent role, becoming an alternative tool for the knowledge and enjoyment of artistic heritage.

Discover SOUND MEMORIES, the immersive virtual tours project of the MUSEUMS OF ALL thematic museum network of which the Primo Conti Museum is a part!