Today we present Museo? I don’t like!, the project promoted and implemented by the City of Fiesole, the Fiesole Museums and the Primo Conti ETS Foundation for young Fiesole residents who want to create an artistic and cultural reality in the city.

Objective: to turn the views of children into an initiative for peers.

A project made by the kids for the kids with the support of the two museum entities that develop and share the projects. Not only that. Bringing generations of young people between the ages of 18 and 25 closer to the local area-its initiatives and its dimensions-rethinking it in terms of active participation is another of the project’s aims.

Thirteen have enthusiastically joined the initiative, which sees its start this year: Irma, Beatrice, Lorenzo P, Arianna, Giulia B, Marco, Sofia, Martina, Lorenzo D, Marta, Giulia L, Andrea and Sara Z. Brought together by the desire to create an event, marked by the tastes and interests of peers, that can turn into a landmark event for Fiesole’s youth in the future.

Among the experiences that our young people have had in recent months was the Daniele Silvestri concert, a real opportunity for confrontation in which they put themselves to the test by making some video interviews (here hyperlink to to fellow citizens, capturing the suggestions in the city in the days leading up to the concert, taking care of communication on the project’s social profiles.

Curious to find out the next adventure?

This is a special apericena, organized in its entirety by the children, to be held at the Primo Conti ETS Foundation on Friday, Nov. 17, to discover the museum’s exhibition halls in an informal and creative way-its history and activities-in connection with the project. An experience that stands above all as a cognitive moment for those who would like to participate in our future activities.

Participation by invitation only.

For Information: 349 7384868 or email

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