As every year on the occasion of the “Week of Action Against Racism” (March 18-24),
Amir | Reception, museums, inclusion, relationship
presents its new quarterly program of museum visits led by citizens with migrant backgrounds.

Comparative looks at the conception of time, celebration and masks in cultures, cartography as a control over the world, the social role of women in systems of reception, interreligious dialogue, the passion for the exotic, but also the construction of gender identity, the presence of africanə in the Renaissance, the traces of Italian colonialism in monuments: museums and urban space reveal themselves as material archives of these histories, places where to nurture more equitable and polyphonic narratives. The Amir project and its partners offer schools, adults and organized groups visits capable of engaging the voices and gazes of marginalized and underrepresented subjectivities.

Amir – Reception, Museums, Inclusion and Relationships.
, is a project launched in September 2018 (the name in Arabic means ‘prince’) by a network of museums aimed at offering cultural mediation activities conducted by citizens of foreign origin. It currently involves thirty mediators and eleven among museums, villages, churches and public spaces in Florence and Fiesole. AMIR is a project curated by Stazione Utopia and the thematic museum network Musei di Tutti in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Museums of Tuscany and with contributions from the Region of Tuscany and Fondazione CR Firenze.

The ‘Week of Action Against Racism,’ now in its 20th edition, is a traditional event of UNAR – National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office aimed at a wide audience thanks to an intense calendar of information, awareness and territorial animation initiatives promoted throughout Italy.



A long history of welcoming
March 23 h.16* and May 24 h.17.30
The visit will provide insight into the history of the Istituto degli Innocenti and today’s reception practices. From the Square, to the Picture Gallery, to the Archives, passing through the renowned courtyards, it will be possible to rediscover a path between art and memory, enriched by AMIR mediators and mediators.
*On the occasion of the Week of Action Against Racism.

Easter and the feast of rebirth*.
March 24** and April 1 h.4 p.m.
The concept of celebration is linked to that of community and social cohesion. Through a number of artifacts preserved in the Museums of Fiesole, the visit casts its gaze on the meaning of the sacred and on certain rituals that have always united human beings, shedding light on the links that exist between Christian Easter and festivals that celebrate a passage, a rebirth.
*the tour continues at the Archaeological Museum of Fiesole.
**On the occasion of the Week of Action Against Racism.

The woman with the eyes of Primo Conti
April 6 and May 11 h.10.30 a.m.
The image of women as seen by Primo Conti through the female portraits in the Primo Conti Museum. Mediators and facilitators will accompany visitors in viewing the works making connections with various cultures.

Horizons. New looks at the palace*
April 7, May 5 and June 2 h.12
In this particular visit to the Palace, the tale will unfold from the Salone dei Cinquecento to the Halls of Lorenzo and Cosimo, from Eleonora’s apartments to the Sala dei Gigli, and culminating in the Hall of Maps, where everyone will be able to find their own little corner within the great house of the World.
*for reservations please contact the MUS.e education area and write to or call 0552768224

Open works*
April 7, May 5 and June 2 h.15
The visit to the Museo Novecento conducted by AMIR facilitators and mediators aims to provide original readings on a selection of works by Italian artists of the 20th century, observed from unusual angles. To discover that every new point of view is a source of enrichment and growth, not only in the museum.
*for reservations please contact the MUS.e education area and write to or call 0552768224

Mary, woman among women
April 13 and May 11 h.17
A central figure in Christian religiosity, Mary is the most eulogized woman in the Quran, the only one referred to by her name and called a “woman of truth.” In the visit, several female mediators recount this important female figure from different perspectives, describing the many and varied forms of devotion that, transcending spatial and temporal boundaries, bind human beings together.

The theater and the mask
April 27 h.5 p.m. and May 26 h.11 a.m.
The use of masks is a phenomenon shared by all human cultures. Beginning with the Roman Theater of Fiesole and the theatrical practices of the ancient world, the itinerary will allow us to learn about other masks, their symbolic relationships and the cultural values, specific to the society that created them, that are underlying them.

The mother’s profession
April 28 h.16.30
At the Ospedale degli Innocenti, women have always played a key role in the care and treatment of children, a concern that the institution still pursues today through its care facilities. The visit will provide an opportunity to rediscover the centrality of the female role in the ancient institution.

The forms of time*
June 1 and 8 h.17
Time is a very complex concept that human beings have been dealing with forever. Artistic representations, philosophical reflections, and scientific definitions continue to engage us, keeping the question open. Through a number of ancient artifacts and works of art in the Fiesole Museums, the tour sheds light on a historical stratification of considerations on the subject, identifying significant convergences among different cultures of the world.
*the tour continues at the Archaeological Museum of Fiesole.

– Visits are free – reservations required
– For reservations and info see amirproject.com
– For visits to the Palazzo Vecchio Museum and Museo Novecento please contact the MUS.e education area and write to or call 0552768224
– Visits last about an hour and a half; it is recommended to arrive a few minutes early
– In the case of groups (summer centers, informal groups, voluntary associations and social promotion), contact the secretary with whom different times and dates can be arranged
– At the time of booking, the meeting point will be indicated

fb @ amirmuseums
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The project curated by Stazione Utopia and Rete Museale Tematica Musei di tutti is realized with the support of the Region of Tuscany and Fondazione CR Firenze.

The Network’s museum events are part of a much larger program of visits and activities conducted and held in museums and art venues in Fiesole and Florence. You can view the full schedule by visiting

Museums involved – Civic Archaeological Museum and Archaeological Area of Fiesole, Museo Bandini, Museo Primo Conti, Museo di Palazzo Vecchio, Museo Novecento, Museo degli Innocenti

Other places involved – Art Collection of Fondazione CR Firenze, Borgo and Church of Santa Maria a Peretola, Borgo di Quaracchi, Medici Villa La Petraia, La Nave – Le Piagge


Amir project is a project of
Utopia Station and Thematic Museum Network Museums of All

with the contribution of
Tuscany Region
CR Florence Foundation

in collaboration with
Regional Directorate Museums of Tuscany
Medici Villa La Petraia

Utopia Station

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