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5 marzo 2018

Edited by Günter Berghaus, Domenico Pietropaolo and Beatrice Sica


Section 1: Futurism Studies

Amotz Giladi: Futurism and Pan-Latin Ideology: A Contradictory Appropriation
Sze Wah Sarah Lee: Futurism in English Art and Literature: The Response of Imagism and Vorticism
Gábor Dobó: Framing Futurism in Hungary (1909–1944)
Peter Molnos: Hugó Scheiber: Futurism in the Rhythm of Jazz
Annika Öhrner: Claiming Futurism. Arturo Ciacelli in Scandinavia
Ashley Gardini: The Reception of Futurist Architecture after the Second World War
Angela Sanna: Lucio Fontana and Futurism after the Second World War

Section 2: Futurism and Science

Gabriella Imposti: Khlebnikov and Science: Time, Space and the Fourth Dimension
Ekaterina Lazareva: The Futurist Concept of ‘Man Extended by Machines’
Domenico Pietropaolo: Marinetti, Aesthetics and the Lyricism of Electrochemical Romance
Maria-Elena Versari: Boccioni and Science: A Reassessment
Julia Nelsen: A Science of Feeling: The Futurist Body and Luciano Folgore’s Ponti sull’oceano
Matteo D'Ambrosio: Notes on ‘Esoteric Futurism’: Marinetti and the Occultist Circle in Milan

Section 3: Archive reports

Gloria Manghetti: The Fondazione Primo Conti: A Centre for Documenting and Researching the Historical Avant-garde
Luca Bochicchio: Futurist Ceramics: Collections and Archives in Northern Italy

Section 4: Critical responses to exhibitions, conferences and publications

Erin Larkin: Futurist arte / vita: Benedetta Fictionalized
Stefano Bragato: Antonio Sant’Elia’s Novel
Sascha Bru: Futurism and the First World War Revised: A Review Essay
Ricardo Marques: Futurism in Coimbra
Elena Maria Versari: The Centenary of Umberto Boccioni’s Death in 1916
Karolina Czerska: Enrico Prampolini’s Futurism and the Polish Avant-garde
Mirhiane Mendes de Abreu: Echoes of Futurism in Portugal and Brazil
Lorenzo Mingardi: Centenary Commemorations of Antonio Sant’Elia’s Death
Pierantonio Zanotti: An International Conference on Valentine de Saint-Point in Nantes, 11‒12 May 2017

Section 4: Bibliography

Günter Berghaus: Publications on Futurism, 2015-2017

Section 5: Back Matter

List of Illustrations and Provenance Descriptions
Notes on Contributors
Name Index /Subject Index /Geographical Index